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Big Dreams Come in Small Packages

by D'Arcy Benincosa

From a gated community to a double-wide in the countryside, Alexandria Smith shares her story of transformation and what it taught her about success, intentionality, gratitude, and living a nourishing life. Take a listen to D’Arcy and Alex’s conversation to gain perspective and learn some ways to nurture yourself, your family, and the community around you.

Ways to Nurture Your Life:

  • Getting up before everyone else in your home and spending time is a great way to set a good foundation for the rest of your day
  • Take on less so you can pour more into the intentional things and people in your lives
  • Times of nothingness allow you to dream and imagine. Take time to appreciate the beauty of simple, everyday things.
  • Make your meals an experience of nourishing your bodies for your family rather than a to-do
  • Set boundaries for yourself and the different parts of your day.
  • Take the pressure off yourself to get a ton of likes on social media. Instead, strive to connect intentionally with 5 people during your social media time.
  • Don’t try to always fix things. Filling your time with these types of activities can leave you feeling unfulfilled.


  • “I will keep my eyes and heart open to seeing the magic in the mundane.”
  • “I will embrace what is true. I will release what is not.”
  • “Let what wants to flow into your life, flow, and what wants to go out of your life, go.”
  • “I have control over what THEIR day will feel like.” (For motherhood)


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