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Busy season is upon us... you're probably spending nearly every weekend shooting wedding after wedding with no time for anything else. But did you know that busy season is a less saturated time to submit to publications? 

i've got just the thing that could have you submitting your work in 20 minutes or less!

What's Inside?


surefire submission tips

My tried & true tips to get your next submission off to a great start.


submission title templates

Title templates proven to peak curiosity (and fast!)


storytelling templates

Plug and play templates that help you tell the story behind your images.

Consider this your time to brag.

You’re the creative genius behind all this goodness, right? Act like it! Your work is valuable, noteworthy, and worth sharing. Start with that mindset and you can’t fail. As a magical, camera-wielding visionary, you may struggle when it comes to some good, old-fashioned wordsmithing. I completely understand the sweaty palms when it comes time to pen the write up.

That’s why I created this deep-dive guide to submission copy

Tailored especially for my friends in wedding photography who could use a little prompting to weave a word tapestry worthy of the Palace of Versailles.

i'm ready to land my dream publications!



I came out of the womb doing jazz hands, just ask my mom. Heralded by my 8th grade English teacher as "hip, smart, funny, and possessing a penchant for drama that might be worrisome." I've taken my love for photography, storytelling, and straightforwardness to the bank by becoming the CEO of THREE 6 figure businesses. It all happened when I got really, really brave and left my "safe" day job. Now, I am here to help you do the same, with flare and a little pizzazz.

My life's purpose is 100% dedicated to educating, empowering, and showing you the steps to take along your PATH to success. One thing I know for sure, it's always better to PLAY IT BRAVE INSTEAD OF PLAYING IT SAFE. (#playitbrave)


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