Photographing Window Light

As a film photographer, I’m not afraid of shooting indoors, and neither should you! In fact, shooting in a tricky situation with limited lighting only forces you to stretch your creative muscles as a photographer. And that, my friend, is where the growth REALLY happens as an artist.

You can find a nice window just about anywhere and saddle up to build your skills. It won’t be long until you’re shooting stunning window-lit images, each and every time.

Have you ever been at a photoshoot where you were left with one little window to light your subject?

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Get ready to dive into this quick and dirty guide to shooting window light!

I was a school teacher for 14 years when I started my own business as a wedding photographer. I remember working so hard and getting excited to wake up every morning, check my inbox and see the inquiries come in.

Within about 8 months I realized how disempowered my inbox made me feel. I would feel hopeless, worried I would have to go back to school teaching.

I realized that feeling of disempowerment was really hard for me. I decided I would not be a victim to what inquiries were coming in my inbox, how clients were finding me, and I was going to go out, find my own clients, and marketing LIKE A NINJA! Marketing became just as important to me as the images I was creating.

Coach & Educator to Ambitious and Creative Entrepreneurs

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