Each COURSE specifically designed to help you 10x your money, marketing and Mindset


A course that outlines the exact strategies I use in my business to get my content seen, bring in the right clientele, and consistent big paychecks!

investment: $1,495
for: all creatives

Signature Course

Market like a ninja & create a 6-figure empire

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A master course for photographers that teaches my tried and true techniques for becoming a 6-figure photographer. From posing to portfolio curation, I'm sharing all my secrets!

investment: $495
for: photographers

From hobby to high-end – master your craft

coming spring 2020


This course teaches you how to recognize & clear your money blocks, price yourself, save money on taxes, and invest your money so you can retire wealthy!

investment: $695
for: all creatives

Say goodbye to the starving artist stigma

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With the psychology of purchasing decisions in mind, I’ve put together a comprehensive course full of what has helped me become successful in customizing my proposals and ultimately booking more photography, branding, commercial, and consulting clients.

investment: $129
for: all creatives

Send a proposal with complete confidence

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Ready to transition to film, but have no clue where to start? Look no further. Learn what kind of camera to buy, how to work it, how to meter film, details on working with labs, tips on traveling with film and SO. MUCH. MORE. It's all right here in one little course.

investment: $49
for: photographers

All you need to know to master the art of film

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The epic social media platform and visual search engine that is a mystery to so many business owners is actually where your future clients and customers are waiting for you. You just need to join the party so that they can find you!

investment: $99
for: all creatives

Get my ninja moves to grow my Pinterest from 3k to 250k in 3 months

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Branding is so much more than logo and colors! This course will cover the not often talked about strategy behind successful branding so you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

investment: $149
for: all creatives

Learn the strategy behind successful branding

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