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Each one specifically designed to help you 10x your money, marketing and Mindset

The Marketing Map

Are you ready to learn in-depth, easy-to-understand Marketing Skills that can skyrocket you into running a SIX FIGURE Creative Business? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed about getting your business in front of paying clients?

What if it were actually possible to create a Marketing Plan for your ENTIRE year? One that brought in clients and money CONSISTENTLY? 

Are you ready to take control of the fate of your business and learn to Market Like a Ninja?

Market Like a Ninja and Create a 6-Figure Empire

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I want to be a Marketing Ninja!


The Money Map

Clear Your MOney Blocks

I do not believe in the stigma of the starving artist. I believe your money story is completely in the mindset you have around money. This course will cover all the ways to releasing your negative mindsets and letting the money flow into your life in a healthy and sustainable way.

Clear your money blocks. Take responsibility of your money behaviors. Bring in more money through asking the right questions for your business. Price yourself and stick to your pricing! And learn the sure fire ways to save money on taxes, and invest your money so you can retire wealthy.

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How to Shoot + Meter Film Like a Ninja


It's all right here in this little course! I'll discuss what kind of film camera to buy, how to talk to your lab to get the right exposure, understanding your light meter, how to meter for different film stocks, and how to travel with film and film gear.

You also get access to 3 BONUSES! Learn my #1 trick to shooting in harsh sunlight, what I take to weddings to style, and everything you need to know about the Contax 645!


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Make Me a Film Ninja!

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