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Everything You've Asked for and More!

How To Shoot & Meter Film--Like A Pro!

All You Need To Know To Master The ARt of film

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• What Kind of Film Camera To Buy
• How To Meter Different Film Stocks
• My Number 1 Trick to Shooting in Harsh Sunlight
• BONUS: What I take to weddings to style!

Passion, Purpose, and a Big Paycheck

FIVE MONTH group coaching mastermind



• An In Depth Questionnaire to Get You Clear on Where You Need to Go
• 10 Coaching Calls with Other Established Photographers That Walk you Through Your Mission, Your Marketing, and Your Money. 
• Two Calls Per Month with Weekly Homework
• Membership Site and Forum with Training Videos, Homework, and Discussions
• A hard copy of THE MARKETING MAP workbook written by D'Arcy
• Learn How To Grow and Email List and Gain Affiliates 
• BONUS: Receive D'Arcy's Commercial and Stock Photography Course for Free!

This 5 Week Group Coaching Mastermind Starts July 2018

Creativity & Posing Bootcamp

Break through your creative block

Launches April 2018


• Reigniting Your Creativity with exercises meant to challenge you as an artist
• Understand the power of telling your story and getting your work seen. 
• D'Arcy's 20 Go to Poses and videos of D'Arcy Shooting with in depth instruction
• Step by Step Guide to Finding an Agent for Creative Work
• Bonus: Step by Step Guide to How D'Arcy shoots a wedding

This is an Online Course with Step by Step Videos on Upping Your Game

Make 50k A Year with Commercial & Stock Photography

A Step By Step Guide to Bring In recurring rEvenue

Launches may 2018


• How To Bring In 5-10 Recurring Commercial Jobs Each and Every Year
• How to Turn Your Photos into Stock Photos for a Solid Monthly Income
• How To Use Social Media Platforms To Find Your Ideal Clients
• How To Pitch Your Ideal Client and Get Them To Hire You
• How To Create A Profitable Commercial Photography Website 
• Bonuses! 6 Other Streams of Income You Are Not Doing

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