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Have you longed to do Private Coaching with D’Arcy, but haven’t gotten to the place yet where you can invest? Do you long to learn what D’Arcy teaches at her workshops, but you can’t leave your family just now to travel to foreign lands? We’ve got the answer! This 7 Week Coaching MASTERMIND was created exactly for you!

Join D’Arcy for 7 Weeks to Walk you Through Your Mission, Your Marketing, and Your Money. Starting this October, you’ll join other creatives in a special Mastermind. Benefits include weekly calls and one ONE to ONE call with D’Arcy. You’ll get individual feedback on your homework, private access to exclusive training videos along with cheat sheets, guides, and templates to help you take your business to the next level and beyond. 

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The Game of Money and How to Play It


• Your Relationship with Money Defined! We’re diving deep into money activities that help you clarify some of the biggest money blocks you have and how to heal them.
• Money & Mindset and how D’Arcy went from $3,000 per month to over $50,000 per month in less than 5 years. 
• Private Facebook Group and Online Forum with Discussion Thread, Homework, and Templates
• D’Arcy’s complete resources on how to Diversify Your Income so that you can have multiple streams of revenue for your creative business. 
• Passive Income---learn how to create avenues of income in your life and business that come in without you having to sacrifice your own time. Stop exchanging time for money with all you need to know about generating Passive Income in your business.
• Get Your Numbers Right! One module completely devoted to investing, finding the right financial advisor, how much you should be putting away and how to do it, and who to trust. 
• Understanding taxes and tax breaks for small businesses and so much more!

Launches July 4th

How To Shoot & Meter Film--Like A Pro!

All You Need To Know To Master The ARt of film

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• What Kind of Film Camera To Buy
• How To Meter Different Film Stocks
• My Number 1 Trick to Shooting in Harsh Sunlight
• BONUS: What I take to weddings to style!

Creativity & Posing Bootcamp

Break through your creative blocks

Launches August 2018


• Reigniting Your Creativity with exercises meant to challenge you as an artist
• Understand the power of telling your story and getting your work seen. 
• D'Arcy's 20 Go to Poses and videos of D'Arcy Shooting with in depth instruction
• Step by Step Guide to Finding an Agent for Creative Work
• Bonus: Step by Step Guide to How D'Arcy shoots a wedding

This is an Online Course with Step by Step Videos on Upping Your Game

Make 50k A Year with Commercial & Stock Photography

A Step By Step Guide to Bring In recurring rEvenue

Launches november 2018


• How To Bring In 5-10 Recurring Commercial Jobs Each and Every Year
• How to Turn Your Photos into Stock Photos for a Solid Monthly Income
• How To Use Social Media Platforms To Find Your Ideal Clients
• How To Pitch Your Ideal Client and Get Them To Hire You
• How To Create A Profitable Commercial Photography Website 
• Bonuses! 6 Other Streams of Income You Are Not Doing

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