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Five years ago, I was living a completely different life.
I was stuck in a career that felt suffocating. I hated waking up in the mornings, lacked energy, and wondered what my great purpose in life was supposed to be. I watched the clock each day waiting for end of the day to just be here. I was in a romantic relationship that was going nowhere, stuck forever in a government job that would never pay me more than $50,000 per year and wondered if this was all my life was going to be.

One pivotal day, I sat in my windowless, basement office surrounded by cinder block walls and watched a video with Will Smith (yes, the FRESH PRINCE of BEL AIR himself!) and he said a phrase that I will never forget, “There is no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” I burst into tears at the moment he said the words because I knew I was living my Plan B life. I knew everything about my life was default, it was the easier path, it was what I was doing because I didn’t actually believe I could do what I really wanted. What did my life even look like if I was living my Plan A? 
I got major clarity. I saw my Plan A.



Your Coach & Mentor

After that pivotal moment in my office, I decided to change my career to that of a destination wedding photographer and to get the training to become my own boss. To do this, I played full out. I faced all my money fears. I had nothing more to lose after the lost years I had already experienced living my Plan B. I invested over $30,000 IN ONE YEAR going marketing seminars, business courses, online sales courses, and learning everything I could about running a successful business.

My first full time year as a photographer I made over $120,000. IN MY FIRST YEAR (insert “screaming face” emoji). I doubled my salary consistently each year and created THREE 6 Figure Businesses within 4 years of leaving my “safe”, salaried day job.

One of the best investments I made has been hiring personal business coaches and attending leadership, marketing, and online branding workshops so I could arm myself with every tool of success. Through mentors, education, making lots of my own mistakes, and a lot of ambition, I became successful in a way I never imagined I could..all through photography.

Being a photographer is one of my greatest passions and joys, but I have realized it is not everything I am supposed to be and do. I have an urgency to make the world a better place. I have a desire to help people achieve the freedom and success that I have achieved. I have a deep belief that the only way the world will be at its best is if WE are at our best. And we are at our best ONLY when we wake up every day and love who we are and what we are doing. I am fiercely committed to my own success and to the success of each business owner I coach, mentor, and teach. While I am known for my thriving photography business, I am here to coach and mentor creatives to reach levels of success they have never even imagined.  

My life's purpose is to help other's ignite their passion, live their purpose, and bring in big, beautiful paychecks so they can live big, beautiful lives. 

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D'Arcy Benincosa is the founder of The PATH Worldwide Workshops, a destination wedding photographer, and a business coach and mentor to creative entrepreneurs around the globe. After getting hired by Sports Illustrated magazine she quit her day job as a teacher and began her photography career in earnest. Based in NYC and Paris, D'Arcy's work is regularly featured on the top wedding publications including Martha Stewart, Bride's, Harper's Bazaar, Style Me Pretty, and Once Wed. Her weddings have graced the screen on The View, ABC, and NBC. Her love stories have also been featured on Upworthy, Huffington Post Weddings, and even tweeted about by Stephen Fry. 

D'Arcy has a BA in English from Brigham Young University and a MA in Directing and Art from New York University. She dropped out of her PhD program on the third day when she realized she would be stuck with the same salary for the rest of her life. 

D'Arcy is one of those people who believes all things are possible. She is committed and passionate about living a life she loves and helping others achieve the same freedom by creating businesses that bring them joy, wealth, fulfillment and adventure. She has worked and lived in over 7 different countries and has a plan to visit every country in the world before she's 50. She's making good headway.

My purpose is to create experiences that liberate the heart, mind, body and soul from living in fear. Giving into fear inhibits individual expression and growth. It's time to live life fully and make decisions from your heart. 

When we choose to face our fears, we become the hero of our own life and are set free.

Never traditional, my true liberation comes from having a mind that  is open to new ideas, approaches, and forms of expression.

Within each of us is a light and a purpose. Letting that light shine, despite what others may say or thing, is key to finding our life's purpose. We only have one life. I choose to live it full out, fully me, unapologetic, and full of love. 

With dedication, drive and high standards, I truly believe you have the ability to accomplish anything YOU DREAM.

my philosophy :

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Here at Team D', we believe in helping you connect to your highest self and to live your passions fully. By putting your art, your passion, your talents out into the world you make it a better place. You make it a more colorful place. You make it a happier place. YOU CHANGE THE WORLD FOR GOOD. 

01. Our main goal is to help you live your

Life's Purpose

We get it, you've listened to people say "the market is saturated, the economy is down, people don't want to buy right now" and you've bought into the pessimism and excuses. We believe that the market is never saturated with genius. We believe there is room enough for all people to live lives of greatness. We believe in abundance over scarcity. Always. 

02. We don't believe in excuses

we believe abundance is possible for everyone

As entrepreneurs we can often feel alone and isolated, not quite sure how to get to where we are going. Team D' is here to support you, listen to you, and help provide you with a roadmap to success. We've got your back, always. 

03. we understand how important it is to 

Have a trusted support system 

Gone are the days of the "starving artist". We know that if you are living your passion and purpose, then it will lead you to bringing in the paycheck. We're here to help make that easy.  

04. We are committed to helping you set up systems that 


Our methods are not the right fit for everyone, which is why we offer a free 30 minute call before we take you on as a coaching client. We want to make sure we are the right time to get you the results you crave. 

05. We only work with people we feel would be a 


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D'Arcy's been playing "the glad game" and exuding optimism at exceedingly annoying quantities since she was born. Don't worry, it will rub off on you. 


We have a pollyanna type of 

optimism Every Single Day

We seek to deliver amazing customer service, provide you with resources and solutions, and have you feeling like you can take on the world like Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson after each interaction you have with us.

07. the most important thing to us is our 

relationship with you

While we will help you move through limited thinking, up your marketing game, and consult you on growing your business, we won't do the work for you. Your ambition and commitment are key factors in your ultimate success. 

09. we believe that


On a daily basis. We do not take one moment of this big, bold, and beautiful life for granted. From the smallest moments sitting on our back porch to the grandest moments working in Paris, we are forever grateful. 

08. we practice  


Each month the D' Team gives back to the community generously. From the local food banks to donating to charities that aid the accessibility to clean water in third world countries, we are committed to showing up again and again for the people in our world. We put our money where our hearts are and believe that a big purpose for each of us blessed with food to eat and a roof over our heads is to take what we have and share it with others. 


   WE put our money where our hearts are

is the greatest thing since Ryan Gosling 



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