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5 Questions Clients Ask Before They Buy From You

by D'Arcy Benincosa

5 Questions Clients Ask Before They Buy From You

Getting inside buyers’ minds is so important when it comes to knowing how to position yourself to show the value of what you’re offering. On this episode I’m sharing the top 5 questions buyers ask themselves before making a purchase, and you don’t want to miss it! Dive in and challenge yourself to take these questions into account when marketing your products and services so that you can increase your sales and have the best year yet!

Top 5 Questions Buyers Ask Before Purchasing:

1.Which do I choose?

When it comes to making a purchasing decision, many buyers are faced with choices. The first thing they’ll do is compare their options against each other. This is where you need to make sure you stand out against your competition. To start, look at the way you’ve branded your business. Are your brand promises better than the competition? Do you have social proof (reviews and testimonials) to back up your promises? If you’re not sure what your brand promises are, or maybe they’re not strong enough, then join us at the Play It Brave Retreat this October 1-2, 2019 to dive in and up-level your branding.

2. Is this right for me?

When assessing if the option is right for them, they’ll ask themselves if it’s their style, if it fits their vision, etc. In order to make sure you’re marketing correctly to your clientele, ask yourself what is wrong for them and avoid those things!

3. Can I afford this?

By showing your social proof and breaking down the cost of what you’re selling for your clients, they’ll be more likely to invest in what you’re offering.

4. Where should I buy it?

Depending on what your ideal client’s preferences are, they may be inclined to buy local, buy based on if there’s a charity you give a percentage to, etc. If you’re a destination wedding vendor, social proof and relationships with vendors like wedding planners make a big difference in your bookings.

5. Am I getting a deal?

Raise your hand if you ever search for coupon codes before making a purchase online. Everyone loves feeling like they got a good deal. This doesn’t mean you should offer discounts or give away things for free, but you should learn the art of talking to your potential clients and customers and helping them see the value in what they’re getting. By hopping on the phone and building your authority, as well as adding in a few small things with high value but low cost your clients will feel like they’re getting a deal of a lifetime without you giving away too much.

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