The Play it Brave Retreat is a 2-day, LIVE event on October 1-2, 2019 near Park City, Utah where you will go deep to access the inner wisdom that will transform your business and your life.

Connect with other brave creatives, learn from dynamic guest speakers, and start creating a life and a business full of Mindset, Money, and Marketing Miracles. 

I want to Play it Brave!

Are you struggling to find your voice in an oversaturated world? 

Maybe you don’t know what to say, or you feel afraid to say it, or you think someone else is saying it better. Maybe you feel a creative stirring and know you have something big to give to the world, but you feel blocked in your efforts to put it out there.

What does it really take in a world with so much noise to be heard? How do you find the words to say what you want to say — and the courage to say them?

Now I’m bringing all those insights together in a retreat for creative business owners who want to truly tap into their voice. This goes beyond brand. It goes beyond the trendy color palettes on your website. It goes beyond the pretty photographs that you are taking right now that are helping you to barely get by. We are going to tap into something deeper that will make it so that you thrive

I've spent the last three years helping hundreds of creative entrepreneurs tackle the mental blocks that keep them from stepping into leadership, success, and service in the world - especially through their businesses.

This ain't your momma's workshop!

There will be no workbook with questions about what your brand feels like. We’re going to dive in deep into what is truly holding you back. Why are you afraid to speak the words that are stirring in your very soul? Why are you so afraid to put something you know is SO GOOD out into the world that you talk yourself out of it, saying it’s already been done before? 

My goal is to guide you in the deep inner work that will liberate and empower you, and to bring you into a collective of others just like you — others who are ready to stop playing it safe and PLAY IT BRAVE.

This two-day immersive experience is the place to shed mediocrity and step into your own greatness — in your business and your life.

Your Brave New World

Discover your voice and learn how to use it.
Remove your blocks to being seen in the world.
Understand how your brand is directly affected by who you decided to be in the world.
Develop a cohesive brand.
Learn the 6 major rules for becoming a 6-figure creative.
Identify your Money Story and remove your money blocks.
Open your soul to self-healing and self-love.
Dive into deep soul work and shift your inner energy.
Connect with other creative powerhouses.

Get Ready To:


A brand is more than just the elements of design and a few catchphrases. It’s an expression of your unique mission and genius — your voice. Day One will help you redefine the way you are showing up and reframe the questions you’re asking of yourself in your business. Once you access your true voice, your brand becomes easy, and you begin to infuse your mission and vision into every single thing you create and put into the world. 

The best marketing is more than a one-way onslaught of brand messaging — it’s an exciting two-way conversation with the world about how you can add value and how you’re getting seen. If you feel invisible, like the right connections are eluding you and you need find new ways to grow your audience, Day Two is for you. 

Day One

After three years of leading global workshops and attending a high-level mastermind group, I have realized the intense power of groups and connections on a whole new level.

Day two

Part 1: Your Voice, Not Just Your Brand

Is your Money Story one of scarcity or abundance — and how is it manifesting in your brand? Day One will also explore your beliefs about money, success, and ambition. You CAN feel empowered with money. You CAN create a profit plan that works. You CAN become not just a six-figure creative entrepreneur, but a seven-figure creative entrepreneur. It all starts with your Money Story.

Part 2: Your Money Story

Marketing & True Connection

Come ready to make connections, share visions, find collaborators, and lose your guilt about being ambitious, wanting to make money and connections, and wanting to BE SEEN.

Lunch and snacks are included.


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What's the Investment?

Optional Dinner Add-Ons

Tuesday Night Healing Dinner


Limited to 20 People

An exclusive energy session with D’Arcy in a sacred group setting that will use energy work to solidify your insights, clear your mental blocks, and shift the energy inside of you.

wednesday Night Skills-Booster Dinner


Limited to 99 People

A special dinner presentation that will reveal the secrets of successful email marketing ninjas and viral content creators. Comes with an email funnel sequence template.

I'M READY to Play it Brave!




You are exhausted from playing it safe and always being careful.

You sense your true gifts, but have been too afraid to follow through.

You feel like you don’t have the tools or expertise to take your business to the next level.

You’re ready to confront the ways you’re holding yourself back.

You wish you had a tribe of other creatives who you could share ideas with.

You want to deliver excellence in your industry and do the highest quality work possible.

You want to create a cohesive brand that stands the test of time.

You are mission-oriented and believe that you have a purpose.

You want change your relationship with money to one of abundance, not scarcity.

You want to feel more meaning and connection in your marketing.

You want to be seen — and to stop feeling guilty for wanting to be seen.

You’re ready to step into the next level – even if you don’t know what to expect.

You desire more true connection and collaboration.

You want to find your voice and express the truth only you can speak.


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