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How to Get POWERFUL Testimonials from Your Clients

by D'Arcy Benincosa

What if every single customer or client became a raving fan of your business? It’s time to start thinking of the client journey as a part of your marketing plan, and really giving great experiences that lead to raving reviews. In this episode I’m breaking down my process to getting powerful testimonials from my clients. Tune in to find out how you can do the same in your business!

Key Takeaways:

  • A Client Journey is the process that your clients and customers take from when they first connect with you, to when they become your raving fan.
  • Transformation stories make the best testimonials. You need to ask the right questions in your testimonial questionnaire to get reviews like the one below.
  • Ask for feedback before asking for a testimonial.
  • Just making the sale and never following up is the quickest way to kill customer referrals.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. If you’ve given a great service or product, then you shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

Want testimonials like this one?

“Coaching with D’Arcy was one of the best things I have truly done for my business, and for my life!  When I found D’Arcy, I felt as though my business was hitting a plateau and I had created so many blocks in my life that were keeping me from what I wanted to achieve.  I originally heard D’Arcy speak at a business conference, and in those 90 minutes not only had she brought me to tears with her real talk, but I knew that I needed to hire her immediately as my business coach!

Over the course of five months, D’Arcy and I worked closely together- defining my pain points, my fears, my blocks, and what I really wanted in my company and in my personal life.  D’Arcy is absolutely brilliant at what she does, not only helping me understand what needed to change in my life, but being my biggest cheerleader and giving me all the tools and resources to succeed along the way.  In less than half a year, my business was transforming right before my eyes- my calendar was under control, I booked two of my highest-paying clients to date, I started my very own workshop, and my bank account had TRIPLED (and all without a fear of money anymore!)

If you are considering hiring D’Arcy as your own coach- don’t think about it any more, run to her and book!  She is AMAZING and worth every penny!  I’ve been happier than I have in years, and I owe so much to D’Arcy and her incredible teachings and business strategy.  My only regret is that I didn’t find her years ago!” – Sophie Epton, Sophie Epton Photography

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