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From Afraid of Risk to Fearless and Free with Ashley Thalman

by D'Arcy Benincosa

Today’s Guest, Ashley Thalman shares her journey to finding her creative voice after making one of the hardest decisions in her life to leave her marriage. This talented photographer and co-owner of Ultraviolet Studios is serving up some truth and insight into what it really takes to find your voice and stand out, and newsflash: it doesn’t come with a step-by-step guide! Tune in for all the insight!

Key Takeaways:

  • Newsflash: There is no formula or step-by-step guide to finding your voice.
  • Art is a way to leave breadcrumbs for yourself.
  • Do the hardest thing that you need to do, change the big things in your life that are holding you back, and your artistic voice will find you.
  • When you’re ready to step across the threshold, it can be scary, but that’s why it’s important that men & women tell the stories of those transitions bravely.
  • Being in places, existing in communities, and submitting to cultures that don’t fit us is the worst thing you can do for your creative voice.
  • If you can get people to unfollow you for speaking out on your platform, you’re narrowing into belonging. We have to be okay with people rejecting us.
  • Transitions are sad and hard. We don’t like change, but through the transitions you realize that what comes to the surface is real.
  • Everyone has some sphere of influence. You need to be intentional about what you’re sharing, and not just curating it to “worthy” images.
  • We are now looking at each other more than ever before to figure out how to do life.
  • The backstories, vulnerability, and openness is what inspires people… It’s not the perfect images.
  • You’re playing at a great level, and that comes at great artistic, personal, and financial risk. That’s your artistic voice.
  • It’s about who you once were and who you’ll become, all coming together in this creative moment: right now. This thing that inspires you that you really can’t even see. And just being able to cross that threshold and saying: I’m going to try!



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