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Discover What Type of Entrepreneur You Are

by D'Arcy Benincosa

If you had a master list of your strengths and weaknesses, wouldn’t you use those to navigate your life and business? Today’s guest, Dawni Angel is a business coach who focuses on personality archetypes and how they have a direct effect on our lives. In this episode she will go through some of the most common archetypes of entrepreneurs and how they can positively and negatively effect your business. Listen in to find out what type of entrepreneur you are!

Key Takeaways:

  • Archetypes are symbols that reflect different pieces of your personality
  • Every archetype has a light and a shadow (pros and cons)
  • When you start to understand your own archetypes you can bring the shadows into the light
  • How do you use the pieces of yourself towards your goals instead of sabotaging your goals?
  • 12 Major Arcana: the archetypes that you can’t hide
  • 12 Minor Arcana: the archetypes that you use and “put back on the shelf”
  • Many people try to be other archetypes to please others or themselves
  • The Saboteur works through your other archetypes to bring forth the shadows
  • You have to decide on a “master plan” for how you’re going to spend your life. You don’t need to decide the “how” just the “what”
  • Use your archetypes to work towards that master plan 



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