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Getting Clear on Your Life’s Purpose is Easy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone!

If you’ve followed any of my adventures in the past few years, you know that Ireland and the Irish people are close to my heart. Maybe it is the kindness I encountered when I lived there one summer in a large castle (I had the entire upper floor all to myself and I swear it was haunted with friendly ghosts). Maybe it is because of the Lord of the Dance craze that took the world (and me) by storm way back when! Maybe it is because with my red cheeks I finally found a place where I fit in (hint, with all the tipsy people). Or maybe it’s because once I had a psychic tell me that I would meet and marry an Irish man one day.

I think we all know the real reason, though.

It’s my love of the potato. I am not joking.

We all have a purpose in this life. Each and every one of us. I think we all internally know it, feel drawn to it, and we get to choose if we are to embrace it or not. For me, I have a few purposes that I have learned to value over the years and not make light of. I have learned to take them seriously and to explore my relationship to them.

The purpose of my life is to bring light and joy to myself and others. The purpose of my life is to travel the world and help others do the same–encouraging understanding, ending prejudices, and opening doors of friendship, healing, and love. The purpose of my life is to educate and motivate myself and others, foster and encourage passions, and help people live their highest potential.

When I got very clear about what I really felt was my purpose here on earth, my choices about everything became easier. Leading people around the world is a true joy for me. I am so sure it is what I am supposed to be doing that I take huge leaps of faith that it will all work out. I am so sure about my calling as an educator, motivator, and helping people reach their highest potentials that I work on it each and every week–constantly seeking and striving for new things that will help you reach breakthroughs and be better than you were the week before. What else is life about?

My purpose is not your purpose. Your purpose probably isn’t my purpose. And that’s the beauty! My mother’s purpose was to be a beacon of giving and faith and to raise her five children to be their best. My dad’s purpose was to enjoy nature, live a quiet and simple life, and to help his children appreciate and value the great outdoors. I have to admit, part of me is really happy that my parent’s purpose wasn’t to be these ambitious entrepreneurs because they balanced out my go-getter persona perfectly as a teen and even now into adulthood.

We all have a purpose. Honoring that purpose is the key to inner happiness. That purpose could be about telling people’s love stories, about making things beautiful around you, about loving your spouse so incredibly hard it inspires all around you to love their spouses even more. It could be to have children. It could be to be single. It could be to travel. It could be like George Bailey’s life in It’s a Wonderful Life–while he didn’t travel anywhere, he changed an entire community and more. We have no idea how far-reaching our actions truly carry. We have no idea why we were given certain talents and gifts and desires, but we can have many ideas on how to foster them, nurture them, and own our purposes fully.

The PATH Workshops are adding in additional classes this year about TRULY discovering your life’s purpose and working it into your current business and the business you want to grow into. I would be honored to have you join. In fact, the one in Ireland promises to be Extra, Extra lucky (because in Ireland, it’s hard not to feel every morsel of gratitude you possibly can while you’re there).

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