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How to Take Your Business Global in 2018

Do you want to take your business GLOBAL in 2018?

Maybe you want to photograph a romantic wedding in Paris? Or you’re dying to connect with other artists in Amsterdam, or you want to collaborate with like-minded people in Thailand? Perhaps you just want to jet set to New York City so you can book clients with bigger budgets. The ability to travel the world and make money while doing it not only adds longevity to your business, but zest and excitement to your life too!

The best way to get the jobs you want is through the people you already know. It is so much easier to get a referral, book through the same planner or stylist, create masterminds and affiliate partners than it is to start from scratch with each interaction. 

In today’s video, I talk about the top FOUR ways I connect with others, book jobs, network like a pro, and get recurring jobs year after year after year! It truly is who we know that determines how our businesses grow.

It’s been my honor to make friends across the globe. To know that in Iceland, Paris, Singapore, Russia, Rome, New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney and more that I can book work, have friends to go out to dinner with, collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and create a global network that brings me the life I love and crave and deserve. And it’s waiting for you too.

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