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3 Questions To End Procrastination

I’ve taken the last two weeks off from writing, producing the videos, creating and decided to spend some time on self care, self reflection, saying goodbye to my childhood home, and helping my parents move into their new life back in Utah.

This week I’m in full swing planning for all things HAVANA! I cannot believe that I get to go to Havana in just a few more days! And not only that, I’m leading the most incredible group of photographers along with me. I am celebrating big time because the first PATH WORKSHOP of the year is upon us and I’m kicking it off with a REVISED marketing PATH WORKBOOK that contains so much of the new things I’ve learned this year in growing a creative business. One thing about life that I’ve learned is you never stop growing and learning.

For today’s video, I talk about how to get back on track when you’ve been procrastinating, or just behind on things. I ask THREE questions that I would encourage you to take time to really dive deep, answer in your journal (you KNOW how I LOVE journals), and implement into your daily business life. I do these little videos because we are all in this together, because whether you’re just starting out on your business or you’ve been at it for a long time, we can always grow, expand, create, and be better than we were yesterday.

P.S. Want to ask me a question this week about business and your life’s path? I’ll be LIVE on Instagram a few times this week, including Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

P.P.S. I just spent three days in Nashville at a marketing conference and learned EVEN more how to generate income, get those ideal clients knocking on your door, and have LOTS of fun while doing it! Want to learn more how to market your business? Set up a Discovery Call with me today!

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