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The podcast for brave creatives in a world that wants you to play it safe. Each week you’ll hear real experiences and strategies from D’Arcy and her expert guests, as they tackle your biggest questions surrounding creating a life and business full of passion and purpose. If you’re ready to play it brave, you’re in the right place!


Rachel Huban of Huban Health headshot

Raise your hand if you have a fear of selling… I get it! None of us want to feel or sound like used car salesman. We’ve all felt the pressure of being sold to, and it’s icky and uncomfortable. In today’s hot seat, Rachel Huban reveals her fear of shaming her audience’s pain points when […]

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Allison Parker Photography Headshot

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt afraid of raising your prices in fear that you’ll hear crickets…. *hand raised here* The number one question I get DAILY is “How do I know when it’s time to raise my prices and how do I do it?” Pricing can be tricky, but do you know what […]


D'Arcy Benincosa Headshot

In my meditation this morning, I had a conversation with myself about fear. I don’t often let the sensation of fear linger in my body, but there was something different today. This morning, it was a space I wanted to explore. And I’m not talking about the fear of launching something or the fear of […]


Vanessa Lust Headshot

Have you ever invested in business education that ended up being a huge waste of money? I know I have! In today’s hot seat episode, Vanessa Lust asks the all-to-common question: “How do I know what education is worth investing in?” Over the years I’ve developed a system that ensures I’m never wasting my hard-earned […]

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Photographer, success coach, brand brainiac and marketing ninja to ambitious entrepreneurs, D'Arcy brings it all to the table. Throughout the show she'll share her wit & wisdom to help you make more money, travel the world, and play it brave.

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Here's what they're saying about the play it brave podcast:

"The truth is, if I could have coffee with D'Arcy every morning I'd fly to Salt lake city for that privilege... but this is as close and intentional and heartfelt as if we were personally discussing the big stuff."

– Claire F.

"She gets down to the nitty gritty of what it takes to run a business and cuts the crap. All at the same time, she's kind and it feels like you are spending 30 minutes with a good friend. She means business, no pun intended"

– Melissa I.

"It challenges me to do more. Her episodes leave no question about the task at hand, and there are specific goals and tasks to run with. Leaving you motivated and ready to conquer every single episode."

– Maxit Flowers

"When I listen to her podcasts, I am constantly pausing and recording voice memos of all the great tidbits she has given us! Highly highly highly recommend for any creative entrepreneur!"

– Laura M.

"I have listened to a lot of podcasts that focus on marketing and business strategy, and I can easily say that D’Arcy does the best job serving her listeners. She doesn’t speak in vague platitudes, she gets her hands dirty and inspires."

– Jessica G.