Do you want my Ninja insight? does your brand need a brainiac? Are you curious about how to grow your business, but don’t want to commit to the larger coaching packages just yet?

Never before have I offered such a thing to NEW clients, but I’ve decided to take on a limited number of 1 hour calls each month for people who just have one or two burning questions that they really need to discuss with a professional who will understand and be able to offer savvy business advice for savvy business people. 

The reason I’ve never done hourly coaching before is that I believe it takes at least ten hours with a mentor to see lasting, committed change. Change where you really push through and create new awakenings in yourself and your business. But sometimes, we don’t need a 360 degree transformation, sometimes you just need to know WHAT THE NEXT RIGHT MOVE IS.

If you’ve coached with me before, or if you just have something you need a little ass-kicking or insight about, then click that fancy button to book an hour with me.

ready for an hour of power?


• Book the Hour of Power by clicking the fancy button below
• We’ll send you a link to choose your time (these start and end on time, so don’t be late!)
• We’ll email you an in-depth questionnaire to describe where you’d like D’Arcy’s focus and expertise
• You’ll submit the questionnaire at least 48 hours before our session
• During the Hour of Power we will dive into your biggest business questions and get you as much guidance and insight as possible

We’ll Have a PARTAY! And you’ll come away with a new start, a fresh perspective, and new innovative ideas that will make your clients sit up and take notice!


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