Entrepreneurship is hard,


doesn't have to be.

Did you know that 96% of ideas never come to life? It's not because they're bad ideas – it's simply because that person didn't do the dang thing.

The Self Made Mastermind started out as an idea to create a community of badass business owners and guide you in creating, nourishing, and executing your biggest, boldest, and bravest ideas.

Self Made is right for you if:


You have an idea you'd like to launch or up-level, but you're missing the direction, accountability, and support to make it happen.

You'd like to have expert eyes on your business and the development of your idea.

You're all about community, thriving on the exchange of feedback with peers and mentors who share your drive.

You're not afraid to get your hands dirty, embracing a hands-on attitude to turn your goals into reality.

Yep, that fits the bill

what's included:

6 Months of Coaching & Technical Support

10 Group Coaching Sessions with D'Arcy

Office Hours with the DB Support Team 2x per month

Templates, Checklists & Guides for easy implementation

Cash Map Workshop

Brand Map Workshop

Growth Map Workshop

Financial Freedom Workshop

12 Months of Access to The Money Map, The Marketing Map, The Art of The Client Proposal, and The Brand Opening (coming soon!)

What you'll accomplish in just 6 months:

The first step to wealth is a healthier mindset. You’ll get clear on your intention, habits and rewrite your stories. 

Set The Wealth Foundations

Create a unique and compelling offer suite that will get you to your revenue goals for the year.

Perfect Your Product & Offer Suite

Master your website, content and marketing messaging to captivate and convert your ideal audience.

create a magnetic online presence

Start or grow your email list with a lead magnet, ads, and sales funnel designed to nurture and convert strangers into buyers.

craft a freebie & sales funnel

From sales pages, webinars, emails, and more – use my team's tried and tested templates & formulas for launching like a long-time pro.

launch without overwhelm

From brand makeovers to media kits we'll help you step into the spotlight and become the go-to expert in your field.

brand awareness & become the expert

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the dms don't lie...

has been featured in

D'Arcy Benincosa

These results speak for themselves:

I have seen my first 20k+ clients!!!

– brittany newman

“I've never been more confident in myself as a female business owner than I am now – and that is all thanks to D'Arcy. I now have strategies on what steps I am going to take on next, have completely rebranded (with HER brand shoot guide!) am getting ready to launch my brand new website, and have seen my first 20k+ clients!!! My inquiries are constant, I feel more respected in my industry, and honestly... I can't stop thinking about what's next for me and Soiree 99."

I have manifested almost $140k!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I've been to 45 countries and I put on retreats and workshops on all over the US. I run a for-profit holistic health company and a global NPO helping to provide education and yet no one has ever helped me financially as much as D'Arcy has. I wouldn't have stood up and asked for my value if I had not taken what she is teaching and put into practice."

– sara morell

I received close to $20k worth of bookings this week!

"Right after I purchased The Money Map, I felt my mindset shift and not kidding - I received close to $20k worth of bookings that week. The thing I love about D'Arcy is her commitment to delivering so much value and helping people achieve their highest potentials. I'm confident that if you purchase one of her programs, your investment will pay for itself tenfold.”

– samantha areman

I just booked my first $10,000 wedding client this week

“I just booked my first $10,000 wedding client this week – and to be completely honest, what feels amazing about it is that I believe I am worth it. I feel like D'Arcy has given me the gift of looking within myself and digging around a bit to see what else might be there. To dream bigger than what I or anyone around me has even dreamt yet.”

– claire bira

self made welcomes all creatives, including:

It's not just a community; it's a creators collective where diversity isn't just welcomed; it's celebrated. Join us to transform your passion into profit (without the burnout).

Wedding Vendors
ALL Business Owners


Wedding Vendors
ALL Business Owners


ALL Business Owners

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Vendors
ALL Business Owners


Wedding Vendors
ALL Business Owners


Wedding Vendors

All Business Owners

Do any of these fears sound familiar?

“This is a big investment for me in my business right now. How do I know it will be worth it?”

I’ll keep it real by putting it this way: an investment in YOURSELF is always worth it.

Plus, my students usually make back their investment after they craft and launch their magic offer. Depending on your level of dedication, Self Made has proven year after year to double students’ incomes and even triple them! (That’s a pretty good ROI if you ask me.)

“This mastermind sounds like what I need but I have a lot going on and it’s not the best time.”

There is no perfect time to invest in yourself. Things will always pop up in your life to throw you - relationships, your kid’s schedule, a move across the country. When you take my Self Made program you will learn the discipline to not let these “life things” interrupt your path to success. You will learn how to hold strong boundaries so that you never compromise yourself. And really, isn’t it always the right time to pour into yourself? What better time than right now to commit to improving yourself, your business and your life?

“I’ve never had a coach before. How do I know I’m ready for one?”

You’re overworked, burnt out and don’t feel supported. You’re ready for the next steps but you don’t know the first “next step” to take. You’ve grown your business as much as you can alone and are ready to have guidance to grow beyond where you are currently. You’re ready to get uncomfortable and take radical accountability to achieve radical results.

“What if it's not for me?”

It may not be for you! If any of these sound like you, then please don't enroll:
  • You're content with the money you’re making right now and have no desire to make more.
  • You don’t mind being mediocre and hanging out with the average crowd.
  • You prefer watching other people have success and would rather not take chances.

Here's what Alumni are saying:

"She gave me the accountability that I was missing in my business, and helped me set the foundation for my first successful course launch."

– Rachel Traxler, Photographer & Educator

"I tripled my bank account, booked 2 of my highest paying clients, and learned how to save and invest that money."

– Sophie Epton, Photographer

"We doubled what we made the year before in just 3 months!

– Afrik Armando, Photographer

"I was able to do $70,000 within a 2 month period, and surpass my monthly goal by $50,000."

– Jamie Findlay, Photographer & Workshop Host

"I've been able to work with my dream brands, such as Gucci, Miu Miu, Savage X Fenty by Rihanna, Kate Spade... I'm living my dream."

– Stacie Buhler, Fashion Photographer

"Our life has completely changed, and we have so many of the things we've always wanted. I wouldn't have that if I hadn't coaching with D'Arcy to show me the way."

– Emma Natter, Online Educator for Creatives

"It's already paid itself back 20x... I'm just so proud of myself."

– Amanda Young, Photographer

"I made my investment back after just ONE single Self Made training."

– Casey Crowe Taylor, Marketing Expert

"Since coaching with D'Arcy, my income has doubled every year."

– Lynn Killberg Thoreson, Florist

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I was a schoolteacher for a decade and barely made $50,000 a year. I dreaded waking up in the morning. A career in photography was calling me, but it was only a hobby at that point. 

The biggest thing standing in the way? A giant, relentless, intimidating wall of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of bankruptcy. Fear of falling flat on my face (metaphorically and literally–where was I supposed to get health insurance as a freelancer?).

Eventually, I hit a wall: Enough was enough. I was eating a Tupperware salad during my lunch break surrounded by the concrete, windowless walls of my classroom when I had an epiphany: “I deserve more than this.” 

My first year as a full time photographer was a knockout. I was published in Sports Illustrated. I made a six figure income. My biggest takeaway? When I stopped resisting, life fell into flow. Wealth and opportunities came to me easily. 

The life you’ve been dreaming of could be right past that wall of fear. And once you knock it down, you’ll see it wasn’t so scary after all. What’s keeping you from the life of your dreams?

Hey, I'm

For most people I think it’s knowing where to start. 

That’s why I created my Self Made Mastermind program.


real talk

Our Mastermind program isn't just a community; it's a success movement. Listen to the alumni share their breakthrough moments – unfiltered, unrehearsed, and unbelievably powerful.

from raving fans

Rachel built her first course, had a 5-figure launch, 10X’d her email list, and started speaking on stages.

Sophie tripled her bank account, booked her highest paying clients, and developed multiple streams of passive income!

rachel traxler, photographer & educator

sophie epton, photographer

Jamie brought in $70k in only 2 months!

Stacie just booked a $20,000 editorial and works with brands like Gucci!

jamie findlay, photographer & workshop host

stacie buhler, fashion photographer

Afrik doubled his income in just 3 months!

Amanda tripled her bookings...

afrik armando, photographer

amanda young, photographer

Emma went from $0 to $83k in 9 months!

Casey made her investment back within 3 months.

emma natter, online educator for creatives

casey crowe taylor, marketing manager

Lynn went from having an expensive hobby to becoming a 6-figure florist!

Juliana doubled her income!

lynn killberg thoreson, florist

juliana mary, product photographer

Cate had her first $15,000 month!

cate batchelor, photographer

Are you ready to be the next success story?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When are the live trainings?

All calls will take place on the first three Tuesdays of each month at 12pm ET | 9am PT.

What if I can’t make it to all of the trainings?

Although we encourage you to prioritize the live calls to get the most out of your investment, we understand everyone has busy schedules, so it’s fine if you miss a training. Each one will be recorded if you can’t make it live. Play it back when you can!

How many people are accepted into the program?

Typically the Self Made community consists of 30-50 people. From there, you'll have the opportunity to join an accountability pod for an even more intimate small group environment.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access for the duration of the 6 month program, plus an additional 3 months afterwards to refer back to.

Will I have 1:1 access to D'Arcy and other experts?

You will have the opportunity to submit and ask questions live on the call for personalized support and coaching. You will also have the opportunity to book private session at a discounted rate.

Still have questions?

email the db team

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