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Make Millions, Without The Mistakes 

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D'Arcy Benincosa

A step-by-step Mastermind for consistent five-figure bookings, six-figure launches, and the seven-figure life of your dreams.

Dare to join us?

Dare to join us?

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Never Sell Yourself Short Ever Again

4 Months of Business Mentorship. Limited to 35 members.

phase 1 foundational mastermind

February - November 2022

11 Months of Business Mentorship.
Limited to 21 Women.

10 Months of Business Mentorship. Limited to 20 members.

phase 2 advanced mastermind

5 Months of Business Mentorship.
Limited to 25 Women.

March - June 2022

sold out

Afrik doubled his income in just 3 months!

"I more than DOUBLED my income this year...IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC 🤯"

jessica rice

"After my 6 months of pandemic coaching I’ve decided there’s no way I will go another year without a coach again. Without investing in myself, in my passions and in my business and you can bet I’m already signed up for all of things D’Arcy has in store knowing every cent invested will more than pay off!!”

What if you...

Become unapologetic about making lots of money

Get clients to say “YES” to your perfect 5-figure offer again and again

Allow only unstoppable people to share your energy

Say bye-bye to 2021 bullsh*t and hello to 6-figure years

Love yourself enough to live the luxury life you dream about

Become the hot CEO you once dreamed of marrying

2022 Isn’t the year to put your dreams on the back burner.

2022 Isn’t the year to put your dreams on the back burner.

Take your ambition and drive – add in a community of wonder women with the same dreams – and make the kind of money men take home without a shrug.

You don’t need a man to make a 100 grand!

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10 or 4 Month Mentorship

Payment Plans Available

Get Exclusive Access to D’Arcy

Limited to an intimate group of Women

Jamie brought in $70k in only 2 months!

Stacie just booked a $20,000 editorial and works with brands like Gucci!

There are over 14 million millionaires in the United States.
 It’s time to join ‘em

There is no guilt in GREATNESS.
No shame in SUCCESS. 
Earn It. Own It. Enjoy It.

"I received close to $20k worth of bookings this week!"

samantha areman

"Right after I purchased The Money Map, I felt my mindset shift and not kidding - I received close to $20k worth of bookings that week. The thing I love about D'Arcy is her commitment to delivering so much value and helping people achieve their highest potentials. I'm confident that if you purchase one of her programs, your investment will pay for itself tenfold.”


I’m here to help women like you make more money.

hi there, I'm D'Arcy...

I’m also the founder of three 6-figure businesses, Brand Strategist, Marketing Ninja, and Business Coach to thousands of successful creatives. And most of all, I live the life I always dreamed of.

Emma went from $0 to $83k in 9 months!

I believe...

It is your divine birthright to be wealthy.

The million dollar ideas to make your business thrive live inside of you right now, ready to be unleashed.

You deserve to tap into more divine feminine flow and ease with less hustle, burnout, and toxic perfectionism.

That in living the good life – through beauty, passion and happiness – you bring a higher consciousness to the planet (and your home).

If you want a $10,000 French stove for your kitchen, then by golly, you should have it.

Energy, intuition, and beautiful rituals open your life up to wealth and abundance

That intimacy, fulfilling relationships, & fabulous sex all come when you tap into your true purpose.

In creating a beautiful, intentional and magical Artist’s Life – each and every single day – from the handmade Japanese ceramics I drink my tea out of each morning, to the vintage French curtains in my bedroom that used to hang in a chateau – beauty is as important as air and water to me.

It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to make more. It’s ok to be rich.

"I have seen my first 10+k clients!!!"

brittany newman

“I've never been more confident in myself as a female business owner than I am now – and that is all thanks to D'Arcy. I now have strategies on what steps I am going to take on next, have completely rebranded (with HER brand shoot guide!) am getting ready to launch my brand new website, and have seen my first 10+K clients!!! My inquiries are constant, I feel more respected in my industry, and honestly... I can't stop thinking about what's next for me and Soiree 99. 

You’ll want to hit “View Balance” at the ATM, just for the endorphins.

spots are extremely limited.

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Are you ready to make money like you mean it?

Rachel built her first course, had a 5-figure launch, 10X’d her email list, and started speaking on stages.

Sophie tripled her bank account, booked her highest paying clients, and developed multiple streams of passive income!












A step-by-step Mastermind for consistent five-figure bookings, six-figure launches, and the seven figure life of your dreams.


Pick your PATH

take a peek inside what's included in both mastermind phases

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sold out

templates, guides, and resources

collection of online courses

ticket to the play it brave retreat

accountability pods

Virtual kick-off summit

live group coaching sessions

5 virtual workshops

France Retreat

vip dinner at play it brave retreat

daily 1-to-1 marco polo support

1-to-1 private strategy session to set goals for the year

templates, guides, and resources

collection of online courses

ticket to the play it brave retreat in utah

accountability pods

Virtual kick-off summit



live group coaching sessions

4 months

10 months


11 months

The ultimate 4-phase mastermind program that gets you on the path to make a million dollars and a massive impact… without the hustle.

phase 1

The no bullsh*t bootcamp to building a six figure business that scales. Get on the path to financial flow in this phase 1 mastermind program.

phase 2

formerly known as Ninja Bootcamp

apply now!


one time payment


11 monthly payments


one time payment


6 monthly payments

2-3 per month

2-3 per month

1 hr of 1-to-1 backend support with my systems expert

Amanda tripled her bookings...

Casey made her investment back within 3 months.

A self made woman has been given deep gifts that will help make the world a better place.

A self made woman knows she is worth charging five figures for every booking.

A self made woman owns properties and makes passive income.

A self made woman travels the world taking her family along in style (or she flies first class solo and finds lovers in every country she travels, just like me :)

A self made woman cares deeply about mother earth and her divine feminine.

A self made woman is a magician at making money.

A self made woman is tapped into her self-worth so they attract dream clients and get fully booked.

A self made woman is dedicated to creating a life WORTH living. A life that allows in beauty, truth, freedom, activism, intelligence, and lots and lots of love, passion, and intimacy. 

Are you ready to be a Self Made Woman?

PEACE OUT, 2021. Let’s own 2022.

PEACE OUT, 2021. Let’s own 2022.

"I have manifested almost $140k!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

sara morell

"I've been to 45 countries and I put on retreats and workshops on all over the US. I run a for-profit holistic health company and a global NPO helping to provide education and yet no one has ever helped me financially as much as D'Arcy has. I wouldn't have stood up and asked for my value if I had not taken what she is teaching and put into practice."

Learn to live life to the fullest, surrounded by your fellow Self Made Mastermind members and the most beautiful scenery. I'll guide you through my beloved City of Lights, and we'll savor every moment of our epic adventure.

Self Made Phase 2 Memberships include the retreat of a lifetime in Paris and the French Countryside.

Live life like a Parisian.

"I just booked my first $10,000 wedding client this week"

claire bira

“I just booked my first $10,000 wedding client this week – and to be completely honest, what feels amazing about it is that I believe I am worth it. I feel like D'Arcy has given me the gift of looking within myself and digging around a bit to see what else might be there. To dream bigger than what I or anyone around me has even dreamt yet.”

More Rave Reviews & results!

More Rave Reviews & results!

More Rave Reviews & results!

More Rave Reviews & results!


I have answers.

When are the live trainings? What if I can’t make it?

Phase 1 Trainings will take place on Thursdays at 12pm ET | 9am PT. Phase 2 Trainings will take place on the first three Tuesdays of each month at 12pm ET | 9am PT.

We understand everyone has busy schedules, so it’s fine if you miss a training. Each one will be recorded if you can’t make it live. Play it back when you can!

what courses are included in my investment?

Both investments include The Money Map, The Marketing Map, and The Brand Map, Pin Like a Ninja, The Art of The Client Proposal, and The Brand Shoot Formula. ($2,500 value)

In order to ensure you don't get overwhelmed, we will grant access to each course over the length of the program as they apply to the live trainings.

what if i can't make it to the in-person retreats?

The in-person retreats are a great time to connect with your mastermind sisters, but are not required. If you can't make it to the Play It Brave Retreat we will record all of the speakers and upload them to your portal after the retreat.

If you're in Phase 2 and can't make it to the France Retreat, we will have opportunities for you to join via Zoom.

how many people are accepted into each program?

The Phase 1 Program is limited to just 25 people, and 15 lucky ladies are accepted into the Phase 2 program. From there, we’ll divide our cohorts into group pods for an even more intimate small group environment for maximum accountability and business breakthroughs.

what is the difference in education topics between the two programs?

In the Phase 1 program we'll be setting you up for ultimate growth, with brand building, marketing strategies, launch plans, passive income and more!

The Phase 2 program unveils the steps to becoming a confident leader and expert in your industry. Gain the connections, grow your team and implement systems that allow you the freedom to stop the hustle and truly THRIVE. 

What about Ninja Bootcamp? How is Self Made different?

We are saying au revoir to Ninja Bootcamp and pivoting to Self Made. Why? Inspired by tumultuous times, we wanted to bring you two refreshed programs that cater to business in different stages of growth. Both programs are still chock full of what you know and love about Bootcamp.

Lynn went from having an expensive hobby to becoming a 6-figure florist!

Juliana doubled her income!

Cate had her first $15,000 month!

Have a question or not sure which phase you fall into? Book a call to find the right path for YOU!

apply to book a discovery call