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STOP Avoiding Difficult Conversations! Here’s How

by D'Arcy Benincosa

Are there conversations in your life and business that you’ve been avoiding? People you’re afraid to confront? Then this episode is for you! D’Arcy and her sister April share their secrets for having difficult conversations with employees, family, and friends so that you can have successful dialogue that leads to better outcomes.


Key Takeaways:

  • Crucial conversations are about stepping into your power, getting in touch with your feelings, and setting a groundwork for growth.

  • Take 24 hours to process hurtful comments before responding.

  • Don’t have crucial conversations over text message.

  • You need to think of what do I want the outcome to be, and how can you achieve that?

  • You need to be open to see the other person’s perspective.

  • Mastering the power of dialogue. The more you can explain yourself and your feelings, the more they have an understanding of where you’re coming from, and thus you can have a better conversation.

  • Don’t skirt around or soften what you need to say.

  • Figure out how to disagree that won’t wound the other person.

  • Recognize your defense mechanism and try to be humble enough to move past it.

  • The one common trait that every leader has is their ability to influence and have a crucial conversation.

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