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• An In Depth Questionnaire to Get You Clear on Where You Need to Go that will be reviewed by D’Arcy before the calls start. 
• 6 GROUP Coaching Calls, each with an individual, focused training along with Q&A time at the end of each call. In addition, you get 1 ONE to ONE coaching call (45mins) with D’Arcy (ONE TO ONE calls must by completed by FEBRUARY 1st, 2018) (a $500 value)
• Membership Site and Forum with Training Videos, Homework, and Discussions Threads
• Topic Covered range Setting Boundaries, Automated Communication, Goal Setting and Motivation, Branding Guidance, Facebook Strategies, Pinterest Strategies, The Future of Blogging, Raising SEO, and Networking Strategies that Work (as well as many more!!) No topic is off limits! 
• BONUS: Receive How to Shoot and Meter Film Course for Film and 50% off The Game of Money and How to Play It Masterclass

Once you register YOU ARE IN! We’ll open access to the questionnaire and the training videos ONE MONTH before the calls start. We know you’re busy, so we want to give you the best tools for success in a timeline that fits your schedule!

Tuesdays starting at 6pm EST and 3pm PST
Calls are scheduled for 2 Hours, but please reserve 3 Hours just in case the calls go over. 
Calls will all be recorded and available for replay along with homework and will be uploaded two days after each call and then the course will be available for 60 days after all the calls are completed so that you can make sure to complete and implement all the material covered. 

Outside of the LIVE calls there is a forum of more training videos and guides that we do not cover as in depth in the 7 weeks.


September 1st. You’ll have a full month to dive into some of the content before our first training call.


October 2
October 9
October 16
October 23
November 6
November 13

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