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When you’ve forgotten how many baguettes you’ve eaten over the years and you’ve lost count of how many times your passport has been stamped by French officials, how does the love affair with Paris continue? By passing on the goodness to you, of course!

It’s no secret that Paris has captured my heart in a serious way since I jetted across the Atlantic to start a new life there just days after my 20th birthday. In honor of this love affair I've had with the city of lights ever since, I thought I'd share some of Paris’ greatest hits with you.

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I was a school teacher for 14 years when I started my own business as a wedding photographer. I remember working so hard and getting excited to wake up every morning, check my inbox and see the inquiries come in.

Within about 8 months I realized how disempowered my inbox made me feel. I would feel hopeless, worried I would have to go back to school teaching.

I realized that feeling of disempowerment was really hard for me. I decided I would not be a victim to what inquiries were coming in my inbox, how clients were finding me, and I was going to go out, find my own clients, and marketing LIKE A NINJA! Marketing became just as important to me as the images I was creating.

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