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The Importance of Building a Brand Story

by D'Arcy Benincosa


I believe the key to a long-lasting business is to have a brand based around storytelling. I’ve always had a fascination with storytelling and helping people write their story of finding their purpose and living the life of their dreams. I’ve paired up with my good friend Emma Natter (another wonderful storyteller) to chat about the importance of telling stories within your business to create a brand. Below I’ll recap our conversation. To watch the full video, click here.


Think about your life and career in terms of a story.

Who are the main characters? What’s the conflict? What are the plot points? Everyone has had turning points in their lives, or a path to where they’re going. Write it down and start sharing it in a story-like manner. This is what will connect with your audience.

Think about what kind of messages do you want to communicate to your ideal clients. Is it a message of openness and honesty? Maybe even humility? Try to convey these messages within your brand images and stories you tell.


Have a message behind your imagery

If you’re in the wedding industry like me, and you participate in styled shoots, create a storyboard for your shoot.Think of each shoot in terms of a movie or a book and ell a story through the types of images you take so that it’s not like just any other shoot out there. These are the shoots that are the most successful and get published.


Writing is 70% of Marketing

Your captions and email marketing are a huge portion of your marketing and telling stories is what converts. You can have the most awesome email sequence ever, but if your writing sucks, you won’t connect with anyone. More often than not, when you tell a true story about yourself or your life you’ll have at least one person comment or email back that it really resonated with them, or that they’ve been through something similar.


Instagram Stories

Another great way to tell stories and connect with your audience is by hopping on Instagram stories. When they can recognize your face and hear your voice they’ll feel even more connected to you. Emma recommends making sure your Instagram stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and that they stick to her key brand stories. When you put out a boomerang of your coffee in the morning, is that a part of your story? Instagram stories is a wonderful feature for adding to your core brand stories in an authentic way, so use it wisely!

Want to hear more of the conversation? Watch it here!



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