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4 Networking Tips for Business Growth

by D'Arcy Benincosa


As a business owner it’s important to connect with other people so that you have more people flowing into your business. It just makes sense, right? I’m often asked about how I connect with people. Let me guess, you’re thinking “I’m not outgoing,” or “I don’t have a good personality.” – (I can’t really help you with that one, you’re going to have to work on that one yourself). However, you can start connecting with other people to bring more flow into your business, more joy and friends into your life, and help yourself get out of your shell. Often times when we run a business we’re holed up in our apartments or working long hours, and we don’t get the connections that we need, so I have a couple of great tips for how you can start connecting with more people today! – Do you prefer to watch my video on this topic? Click here.


1. Get to know yourself first.

The first person you absolutely have to connect with is yourself. Have you often found yourself down and out? This might mean that you’re not spending the time to get to know yourself. I heard someone once say, “when you’re feeling lonely it’s mostly because you’re lonely from your true self.”

What is it that you want in life? Why do you want to connect? Why do you want to run your business? These are questions that I ask a lot, if you’ve been watching any of my videos, but they’re absolutely crucial to knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

So, you have to connect with yourself first. That can be through journaling, mediation, having a mentor, teacher, or counselor, or by visualizing. Sit down and think about what you want your life to look like and what it looks like right now, and think about how to fill the gap in between.


2. Attend networking events.

It sounds really simple but most people don’t want to invest the money. I remember a big networking event I went to was Business Mastery by Tony Robbins. It was $5,000 to attend plus another $1,000 for my plane ticket and hotel room, but once I got to that four day event, I met so many amazing people. Friends that I’m still friends with today, people who have helped encourage me, mentors, people who have looked over my business plan and I’ve looked over theirs. On top of all of those connections and support, I booked three different jobs that grossed me more than $30,000. So I invested $6,000 to go to this networking event for four days, but my return was $30,000. Not bad, right?


3. Where can you volunteer?

This might seem like something that isn’t really applicable to you, because you might think, “ I don’t have any time to volunteer!” However, I was sitting down with one of my singer-songwriter friends recently, and she was telling me about a time when she was in Chicago and she had a few extra hours and she decided to go and sing at a retirement home. She took her guitar and she got to hear their stories, and hear about their life in inner city Chicago. The stories that she heard about coming of age in Chicago in the 1910’s, 1920’s and 1930’s were out of this world and actually inspired new songs, a new album, and it really opened up and expanded the quality of her life.

Volunteering will help you connect with people with a united cause. You never know who is going to be brought into your life at any point in time. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone, invest in something you’re passionate about, and give back to your community.


4. Go global!

And finally, my last piece of advice for connecting is going global. So often we stay in our narrow little cities and only work within that city – never knowing what we could really become outside of that location. When you go global – meaning you make friends and connections all over the world – you have a life that’s so much bigger and richer. I would rather have the friends that I have around the globe than a million dollars in the bank. That million dollars in the bank isn’t guaranteeing anything. Having a global economy of people who I can stay with, who refer me for jobs, or show me and teach me things and expand my life and in turn I can expand there’s… There’s no greater joy. When we have that global network we can start connecting with people all around the world. Awhile back I had a destination job in London, and since then that client has referred me for jobs over and over again and it has become profitable for me to go to London every year. How badass is that?! Because of the friends I’ve met, kept and fostered relationships with, I can travel all over the world and still make a profit. Making and keeping these connections is absolutely essential to creating a global business.


Leave a comment and tell me about a time that you connected with someone that led to the growth of your business!



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