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You Must Do This One Thing Every Day!

by D'Arcy Benincosa

How You Are in Life is How You Are in Business.

That has always been something I know. If we take action and are motivated and driven in our own lives, we tend to take action and have motivations in our businesses. They mirror each other pretty consistently.

When I look around at different Facebook groups I am in, I see a lot of worry, scarcity, blame, and frustration. People complain again and again that they do not have enough of the clients that they want. When I see these sorts of threads, I know that something deeper is present. There is a deeper reason that worry, scarcity, blame, and frustration are the key emotions you’re allowing to flow into your life.

Yesterday, I marched with countless women (and yes, men too!) on the Women’s March in Washington D. C. It was one of the most powerful and memorable experiences of my entire life. I was reminded how lucky I am to live in a country where I can march and have freedom of speech and expression.

I was reminded of the power of people joining together.

I was reminded that the key to getting anything in life is action. It is not always easy to take action. Sometimes we do not know the best actions to take. Sometimes we are tired and we don’t want to get cold and sleep deprived. When I got on the bus to D.C. I had to wait in a long line that was over an hour long in the rain, trying to protect my camera gear. Of course, I ran out of the house without an umbrella because they skies looked clear. Then I had to take a 5-hour bus ride that turned into an EIGHT-hour bus ride and at the end, when we were almost there, the bus CRASHED. Yes, my bus crashed. I got about 3 hours of sleep before I was up and out to the march. Crowds of people, hundreds upon thousands. At one point we were squished together so tightly I thought I was never going to get free. We stood. Locked. For two hours. The rest of the day we stood and marched and stood. We couldn’t drink anything because bathrooms were scarce, there was no place really to get anything to eat along the route, and we couldn’t even hear the speakers (it was probably a much better view if I would have stayed home, on the couch, watching it all in my pajamas).

But that’s just not how I roll. Once I went through my deep awakening to my life’s purpose (more on that later), I cannot just sit back and wait for things to happen. I must be part of it. I must be part of things I am passionate about, even when, ESPECIALLY WHEN, they are inconvenient. Running your business–while raising a family, while dating, while dealing with a sick parent, while dealing with any number of things, is going to be inconvenient.

Running your own business is WAY MORE INCONVENIENT than if you just worked a regular 9-5 job. The point is, there is NO POWER IN COMPLAINING about the inconvenience of it all.


Do you feel stuck on taking action? Not sure how to motivate yourself, and even if you did, what actions are the next right ones to take? I offer individualized coaching programs for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to create successful, thriving businesses while enjoying life and making the most of each moment. Curious what it would look like to work with me? Book a Discovery call today where we will talk about the current state of your business and what it would look like if you started taking guided, measured actionable steps towards attaining the life of your dreams.

To Action! To Empowerment! To Creating the Life of Your Dreams!

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