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5 Marketing Tips You Could Be Doing Right Now!

by D'Arcy Benincosa


When you wake up do you check your email almost immediately? When you don’t see an inquiry in there do you have a sinking feeling of disappointment and failure? I used to be this way, but then I decided to take action in my marketing plan and I want to help you do that too!


TIP #1: Understand the core stories of your business and tell them often.

You should have three to five core stories that are a part of your business. You may think that repeating the same stories over again gets monotonous but in fact it’s becoming a huge part of your brand and a way that your ideal clients and customers are connecting with you.

Tell the stories of how your life changed or why you do what you do. Tell stories that will resonate with others and that represent your ideas and goals for your business. Sharing personal stories with the world in a way that connects with your art is going to bring interest and BRAND into your business! See this post for more details regarding brand stories.


TIP #2: Network in Facebook groups that are different from your industry

Are you in a Facebook group full of photographers, calligraphers, florists, or your industry peers? Awesome! But I’m going to guess you mostly chat about industry related topics in there and no one in there is your ideal client… Am I right?

I challenge you to go out and find a few non-industry related Facebook groups where you can connect with peers in other industries and stay active and helpful within the group. Who knows, they could become potential clients?! I booked my second (EVER) dream destination wedding in London through connections I made in a Facebook group! (learn more about it in this video, 24:00)


TIP #3: Cross promote like you’re on the Sopranos

Okay, okay, if you’re too young to know what the Sopranos is, it’s a mafia-related tv series. I want you to create a little creative mafia surrounding you. Find four to five people that have a similar audience as you but aren’t direct competition and cross-promote on a regular basis. Within this group you can also have a referral system with this group, work alongside them on creative projects, and overall network alongside these people. Not only having this support system, but constant access to their audience is priceless and will do so much for your marketing within your business!


TIP #4: Get clients to buy from you more than once a year

It’s so much easier to keep a client you’ve already acquired instead of always going out and finding new ones. Plan different products or services around seasons, holidays, and family events and make sure to get each offer in front of them. You need to find ways to continue to meet their needs and enrich their lives to keep them coming back time and time again.


TIP #5: Collect Google reviews

How often are you searching for a business or service on google and you see that out of five options that come up, one of them has way more reviews and the highest rating? You’re going to choose that one, right? So why aren’t you using this tactic for your own business? Create a system for collecting Google reviews from your clients and customers so that you can be the one at the top of the list in your service or industry!


Want 20 more tips just like these?

Good news! I’ve compiled 25 Marketing Tips You Can Do Right Now in a FREE video course just for you. Enjoy!


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