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WHY I Don’t Want to Grow My Business

Greetings from Edinburgh! The Benincosa Sisters may not be good at everything, but we definitely know how to manifest 1st Class Upgrades! Cheers!

Do you ever have that feeling when you know that an adventure is going to be life changing? I feel that for myself here in Scotland on a level I’ve never felt anything! The funny thing is that I was originally supposed to be in Ireland this week hosting another round of THE PATH WORKSHOPS. Instead, I’m here with my sister and we find ourselves on an unexpected 10 days free from work and responsibility. While we weren’t expecting this, we also have gotten VERY accustomed to listening to our intuition. I truly believe that my soul is old, wise, and has been around the block more than a few times over a few lifetimes. I also believe that sometimes it takes me going to new places that feel familiar (in ways I can’t explain) to learn lessons I cannot learn while I’m in Utah or New York City.

One of the things I have been noticing about my business lately is that while it is growing rapidly, I have a major block with growing it to the next level. See, I have two online courses just WAITING to be launched, and I’ve held back again and again. I have my entire first version of my workshop and an in-depth marketing workshop ready to be released to all of you who have asked for it because you couldn’t make it in person. And yet, I keep putting off the release dates. I have major clarity on WHY I don’t want to grow my business just yet, and it has been hard for me to handle this because I’m such an ambitious person. Whenever I feel I’m not growing at rates that I should, I get discontent and always push forward faster and harder. In fact, in just the last 7 months alone, I already doubled my income from last year. I like to push. I like to grow.

 But these past few months, I’ve slowed WAY down and focused 100% of my energies and attention to my one on one clients. How do I help them grow? Market? Remove energetic blocks to abundance? Facilitate them changing their thinking habits? And perhaps create brands and businesses that matter and speak to their heart’s purpose. I haven’t wanted to interact with the MASSES online because my One to One experiences with my coaching clients have been SO powerful, so rewarding, and so magical. These past two weeks I brought in three new clients (you know who you are!) that seriously light me up, and I have sooooo many ideas already brewing for how to help them become even more abundant and successful. While I’m a good photographer, I realized and decided to honor that I truly have the Midas Touch when it comes to seeing how businesses should brand, grow, and reach a larger audience with ideal clients! It’s like all my years being an artist and business woman lead me to exactly this place, and there is no where else I’d rather be.

But the reality is that I brought these clients into my life BECAUSE of my drive to create a business and brand that represent who I am at the core. Yesterday, Scotland ALREADY showed me a strong answer about how to grow my online business while maintaining my in person relationships–and in fact, deeply improving both of them! Stay tuned for the rest of the story later this week……

In the meantime…

WONDER IF WORKING WITH ME IS ONLY FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS? Here’s a testimonial by one of the best clients I’ve ever had, Maggie Wu Studios. Make sure to check out her beautiful creations online and on Instagram!

Featuring a Maggie Wu original piece

Working with D’Arcy as a business coach was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my business. I was initially hesitant about working with D’Arcy because I was afraid that her coaching would be applicable for photographers only and not applicable to my e-commerce business. Boy, was I wrong! D’Arcy’s creativity and knowledge is tremendously helpful to any creative entrepreneur!

Before working with D’Arcy, I felt very lost about what I should do to promote my business. I had initially thought that participating in styled shoots and posting pretty pictures on Instagram was enough to drive sales. After months of doing that, I was not getting the sales that I had wanted. I started to doubt whether people would be interested in my products at all. Working with D’Arcy really opened my eyes and made me feel confident that I had something unique to offer to the market. My sessions with her not only helped me discover the heart behind my brand and what I believed in, but more importantly how to communicate it to my target audience in an engaging way. This helped tremendously in connecting with my audience and getting the momentum that I needed for a successful new collection launch! Beyond just sharing marketing knowledge and business strategies with you, D’Arcy truly cares about what is happening in your life and knows how it can affect your mindset and emotional outlook. Being a solo entrepreneur can be scary and lonely at times, it is amazing to be able to bounce off ideas from someone who is not only successful in running her own business, but also understanding of how to cope with the emotional ups and downs of solo entrepreneur.

After 3 months of working with D’Arcy, she has completely transformed the way I think. Before working with her, I was timid and afraid to share too much with my audience. Throughout the 3 months, she continued to push me beyond my comfort zone, which was key in transforming my business. The successful launch of my new collection has more than paid off the investment that I had made in D’Arcy. While I still have a lot of learn about growing a business, I now feel more confident than ever that I am on the right track. The skills and the mindset that I have learned from D’Arcy are things I can apply to my business over and over again as I continue to grow! For any creative entrepreneur who feels lost, confused, or unsure about how to grow their business, I would highly recommend you get in touch with D’Arcy ASAP!

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