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She Just Booked Her First $10,000 Client!

She Just BOOKED her FIRST $10,000.00 Client! That’s a lot of ZEROS!

She BELIEVED she could.
So she DID.

It sounds simple, but it’s a truth in life that cannot be denied. When we believe in our own worth, in our own abilities, and we shift our mindsets into ones of positivity, then we are able to reach our highest heights.

I want you to think of the MOST money a client has ever paid you for a job. Think about how that came to be. I distinctly remember making my first $10,000 from a client and it wasn’t even hard. It was so much more mental belief than anything else I did. I was already an advanced photographer, I knew how to shoot weddings and I was good at it, but I didn’t know how to make a lot of money doing it. I remember telling myself that it was time for me to book my FIRST $10k client. When it didn’t happen after a few months, I realized, somewhat embarrassedly, that maybe it wasn’t happening because I hadn’t yet dared created a package price that was $10k! Seems silly right? That I thought I would book a $10K client without even having a $10k package to offer them? But sometimes, that’s how our limiting beliefs keep us back, in the most simple of ways. Working with a private business coach has been THE BIGGEST way that I have overcome my limiting beliefs and provided myself with a support system of encouragement. 

After my realization, I went and raised my pricing, created the $10,000.00 package of my dreams (in fact I made it $10,500.00 just to push myself) and within ten days of raising it I had booked my first $10k+ client!


Here is Claire’s Story of Booking her FIRST $10,000 Client:

Deciding to start private coaching with D’Arcy was something I thought long and hard about– on paper my business is successful and I am living my ‘dream’ life, but something inside me kept whispering that maybe I had more to give. Maybe it isn’t selfish or crazy to imagine that I haven’t dreamt big enough yet!

 Within the first 20 minutes of our first intensive, I was sure this was going to transform my life, in little immeasurable ways, from the inside out. Thinking of money differently, valuing myself more… the little unheard voices inside my head are being changed to speak more truth, more joy, more positivity, more gratitude, more acceptance, and more grace to give in powerful and changing ways.

I just booked my first $10,000.00 wedding client this week- and to be completely honest, what feels amazing about it is that I  believe I am worth it- it is still incredulous to me that others can see that worth in my work, but I’m starting to realize that the worth I put on it comes first from me. If can truly, daily, hourly, believe that I am a $10,000.00 wedding photographer,  others can not doubt it. That feeling is incredible, folks. I am blessed with good support, wonderful clients, etc., but I feel like D’Arcy has given me the gift  of looking within myself and digging around a bit to see what else might be there. To dream bigger than what I or anyone around me has even dreamt yet.

What an incredible, immeasurable gift.

Also can’t get enough of all the literature she is able to recommend. I appreciate good literature and direction in seeking titles that will stimulate my mind in the right direction!

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