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My Morning Routine for Success and Motivation

Have you ever struggled with thinking positively all the time?

Are you too hard on yourself and demand the most impossible of perfection?

Do you worry about not getting enough done in the day?

Do you feel distractions from your phone and online sources are killing your productivity?

Do you feel that, each week, there is just never quite enough time to get everything done?

If any of those things sound like issues you struggle with, I want to tell you that there is hope! There is hope for more positivity and more productivity than you’ve ever had before. With committing to just one hour a day, you truly can start to transform the way you work and the way you live.

In this week’s video I share with you my morning and daily habits of success. Doing this series of steps every day for over two years really shifted my business, my mindset, and my ability to be productive. Now I get more done than most people I know, but I am also enjoying life, having down time, and working on my first novel! All while running a multi-six figure business. Say what?

If this video speaks to you, if you’re feeling the call to take the time out and regroup, I highly encourage you to attend one of the PATH Workshops left this year. We’ve got Salt Lake City, Ireland, London, Croatia, and Japan. I am also offering a small one to one in Italy this August and one this September in Ireland, but you’ll need to email me fast to grab this one up!


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  1. Cami

    March 13th, 2017 at 10:57 PM

    Love this – thanks for the tips and your energy – it’s so motivating!

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