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Is Your Market TOO Saturated?

Have you ever had one of these things stop you from taking action:

  1. EVERYONE on your Instagram is in Italy or Greece doing amazing things and eating amazing things and looking skinny and tan?
  2. EVERYONE on Facebook is posting pictures of their engagement rings, or ultrasounds, or amazingly beautiful newborns dressed in antique linens from Paris?
  3. EVERYONE in your email inbox that you are subscribing to just offered the EXACT program or product that YOU were going to offer and they have way more followers than you do so why would anyone buy what you were going to sell?

I’ve been seeing this a lot in my own life the last two weeks. It seems like the more I get on Instagram, the more I see people doing really cool things. Or when I get on Facebook, it seems like people’s lives are more interesting. Or if I go to return emails, I get caught up in reading emails of people who are way further down the path than I am currently.

It can be enough to make you just want to throw your hands in the air and declare, “There is NO space for me in this market!”

But don’t worry…..because I have the solution!!!  One little daily question I ask myself to keep moving forward, even if it seems like my market is saturated (hint, the market is NEVER saturated for authenticity and innovation!)

In today’s video, I go through the BIG question we all must ask when we find ourselves getting lost in a sea of “I have nothing special to offer and everyone else is living more exciting and more successful lives than I am”.  When you are able to answer this question with passion EVERY SINGLE MORNING, then it becomes so much easier to block out everyone else and move forward to bring YOUR special talents, gifts, and business ideas into the world. I truly do believe there is enough for each of us to be successful, but I also believe it takes playing a BIGGER GAME that we sometimes allow ourselves to play.

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