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How to Find The BEST Solutions to Your Problems!

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Each person has a particular energy or vibration. The lower energy you have, the more dire your problems can seem to be. If you feel you are in a constant state of worry, confusion, fear, lack, and stress, then those are lower energetic realms and your life can really take on a negative quality. The higher energy you have, the more light you feel, the more happy, the more you believe you can figure things out and that you can foster clarity, love, and peace in your life. Overall, your life is one of positivity and optimism.

This actually affects the way you run your business!

I want you to sit and think of a problem you have. Let’s really think on it. Here are a few examples:

  • Why is no one booking me?
  • Why aren’t I finding my ideal clients?
  • Why isn’t Ryan Gosling my boyfriend?
  • Why is my butt too big even when I thought I was eating better?
  • When will I be able to afford this?
  • Why isn’t this happening for me?
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • Why is everyone else having success and I am not?

Sit with one of your “problems” and pay attention to what happens to your body?

When I sit with a problem. Meaning, I let the problem play in a loop of frustration in my body again and again I start to have a physical reaction.

In my body, I get tense around my shoulders.

In my body, I get a twinge in my stomach.

In my body, I feel frustration rise in my chest and I feel anger and defeat rise up.

In my body, I feel confusion and my thoughts run in circles with no answers in sight.

What is happening in your body is that it is vibrating with the energy of the problem. Problems always vibrate lower than solutions. The solutions truly live in the light!

Think of a time you were a passenger in a car with someone with road rage. Did you find yourself getting frustrated, angry, or scared because of their emotions, where before you were feeling just fine?

Think of a time someone in front of you in line at the post office started getting really annoyed at the long line. Did you then find yourself getting annoyed at the injustice of the long line too?

Think of a time when you were feeling down a bit and then someone you knew, someone full of light and love and goodness, came in and hugged you, or called you, and you felt better.

Every person emits an energy, or vibration.

We can vibrate happiness. We can vibrate love. We can vibrate loneliness. We can vibrate fear. We can vibrate motivation and passion.

Happiness vibrates higher than anger.

Love vibrates higher than hate.

Passion vibrates higher than apathy.

Make sense?

Once you know this, you can get yourself in the right vibrations to find the solutions to your questions (I prefer not to call them problems).  

When I have something facing my business that seems dire, I make sure to get myself in a high vibrational state before I tackle the answer. This means I’ll meditate, I’ll dance around my kitchen to Stevie Wonder, I’ll give myself a pep talk about how everything is going to be ok. I’ll listen to a motivational speech and I’ll tell myself:

“You already have the solution! You know the solution. The solution comes to you easily and effortlessly. The solution is right in front of you. “

Then, I’ll take the “problem” and I’ll rephrase it.

For example:

Why is no one booking me?

BECOMES: “How can I make $10,000 this month and HAVE FUN doing it?”

When will I be able to afford this?

BECOMES: “I know that the abundance of the universe available to me, and all I want I can have. The money I desire is already here. I know money is energy. How can I serve the people around me more, give of my knowledge and energy more to manifest the desired amount?”

When you come at your questions with this energy, life becomes more satisfying, solutions come fast, possibilities are open, and the game of life is waaaay more fun!

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