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Five Tips to Avoid Mediocrity in Your Business

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Mediocrity is easy. It is safe. It is simple. It pulls at us every day. It lies to us and tells us we should be content with what we already have and who we already are. 

But you and I both know deep down that we were meant for greatness.

People usually ask me the same question again and again: “D’Arcy, what do I do when my market is so saturated? How can I book jobs?”

Have you ever said those words out loud before? Then I made today’s video just for you!

The market is saturated…but not with talent. It is saturated with mediocrity–people who give away their art for a couple of dollars.

That is NOT you. That is NOT me.

Life can be so much more!

When we tap into our passion..When we tap into our creativity…When we feed our souls with good books and good conversations..When we rise above reality television and we seek to be creators and business owners of the highest artistic measure…When we challenge ourselves in the very greatest and best ways then we change the game! I promise you that the market is and never will be saturated with greatness.

In this week’s video I share my 5 Tips to Overcoming Mediocrity and really fostering that greatness that is inside of each of us. Please watch, enjoy, and share.

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