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And the Award Goes to….

“God bless that potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it.”

–Shirley MacLaine, awarded Best Actress for Terms of Endearment in 1983

Last night Kevin Spacey did an amazing job hosting the TONY awards. If you’re anything like me, you LOVE watching people get recognition for the hard work they’ve done. I’ll admit, one of the reasons I moved back to New York City was so I could be more involved in plays, musicals, productions, and photography in all of the ON and OFF Broadway productions.

What I love the most about watching these award shows is seeing the speeches right after people have won and paying attention to what they attribute their success to. I am endlessly fascinated with what makes people achieve their dreams, what causes people to push through limiting beliefs, and the amazing gifts that passion and perseverance can bring into our lives.

When I go to see live performances, or watch someone in action who is a pro at what they do, (from my hair stylist…to the famous chef with a restaurant just down the block from my apartment and everyone in between), what I see again and again about people who are living their dreams is that they:

  1. Never Give Up

  2. Have Mentors Who Help and Teach them (and fast track them!)

  3. Condition their Thoughts for Success and Abundance through Daily Habits

  4. Keep Showing up Again and Again and Again, Even After Thousands of Rejections

  5. Actively DO what they LOVE to DO

The best way to get momentum and infuse energy into your business is by adopting these TOP FIVE things that bring radical success.

I remember watching the acceptance speech of Whoopi Goldberg when she won the Oscar for her role in Ghost–her elegance, her life story, from a young girl in the projects who kept her EYE on the Prize. Take a look, it will inspire you too.

I often watch award shows or attend Broadway plays just to surround myself with the energy and vibration of passion, optimism, dedication, and people who play FULL OUT in life, as I believe we need to put ourselves in those situations much more than we actually do. Too many people around us settle for mediocrity and for less than they deserve, and it is easy to fall into that trap too. A huge inspiration to me lately (with his worldwide success for the musical Hamilton), is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Take a look at this opening monologue on Saturday Night Live if you want a little injection of “PASSION MEETS HARD WORK” reminder.

And if you’re a House of Cards fan, then you must watch this amazing little clip from last night’s TONY Awards.

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